Tidewater Medical Center Greenbrier

Services Provided


We provide extensive diagnostic and treatment services for the whole family.

Medical Services include:

Pediatric Care
Women's Health
Men's Health
Full Blood Work
Immunizations and Vaccinations
Diagnostic Services
General Wellness
Annual Exam

We are a family medicine clinic and value the importance of an annual physical exam for patients of all ages. During your annual exam you will meet with you primary care doctor and they will provide a full body examination and diagnostic tests which evaluate your health from head to toe. The results of your exam will be presented to you and can be discussed with your doctor to address any questions or concerns you may have.

We take pride in listening to your questions and value open communication with our patients. If there is ever anything that you would like to discuss about our medical services please do not hesitate to contact us. 

TPMG Patient Portal 

We invite you to log into your online account or contact our office to create a new online account. To protect your private information, our office creates a unique login token to link your account to your personal health information for the initial setup. Take advantage of the online services offered by our practice with the assurance that all of your information is encrypted and stored securely.

In our patient portal you can:

  • Update your address, phone, e-mail address, insurance and other patient information.
  • Request presciptions
  • Schedule appointments
  • Leave messages for physician
  • Add and update your credit card information.
  • View a history of your previous office visits.